PaaSword: Data Privacy and Security for the Cloud

Although enterprises recognize the compelling economic and operational benefits of running applications and services in the Cloud, security and data privacy concerns are the main barriers in Cloud adoption. The EU research & innovation project PaaSword is addressing these challenges since January 1st 2015.

The project PaaSword - A Holistic Data Privacy and Security by Design Platform-as-a Service Framework Introducing Distributed Encrypted Persistence in Cloud-based Applications – is funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. With a budget of 4.4 Million Euro over three years, the project brings together Europe's leading companies and research institutes in the areas of Cloud computing, Cloud security, information technology security, data encryption and system integration.

The PaaSword project vision is to fortify trust in cloud services and increase the adoption rate of cloud-based solutions. It entails safeguarding both corporate and personal data for cloud infrastructures and storage services. The project is addressing the current major data security challenges, posed by the CSA, and provide essential knowledge to organizations that wish to securely migrate to the cloud. The results are developed around 6 industrial demonstrators that deliver value to businesses, professionals and individuals using cloud-enabled services and applications, and at the same time, they accelerate cloud computing technologies adoption as paradigm shift in Europe.

The project introduces a holistic data privacy and security by design framework enhanced by sophisticated context-aware policy access models and robust policy access, decision, enforcement and governance mechanisms. It enables the implementation of secure and transparent cloud-based applications and services that can maintain a fully distributed and totally encrypted data persistence layer, and, thus, will ensure data protection, integrity and confidentiality, even in the case where there is no control over the underlying third-party cloud resources utilised.

The consortium with ten partners from seven European countries is led by CAS Software AG (Karlsruhe, Germany) as administrative coordinator, and SICS Swedish ICT AB (Stockholm, Sweden) as Scientific Coordinator. Further partners include the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany), the Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (Greece), INTRASOFT INTERNATIONAL SA (Luxembourg), South East European Research Centre (Greece), SixSq Sàrl (Switzerland), UBITECH (Greece), SIEMENS SRL (Romania) and SingularLogic Cyprus Ltd (Cyprus). Furthermore, PaaSword has initiated a growing Cloud Security Industrial Focus Group of Cloud services and platforms providers, Cloud-enabled application developers, end-user organizations and (Cloud) security experts.

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