Competence Areas at RISE ICT

The main idea is to investigate and demonstrate how the highly-digitalized and proven systems of the Process Industry, like Collaborative Process Automation Systems (CPAS), can be used in Discrete Manufacturing (DM) to improve cycle time and productivity. The project will focus on demonstrating measurable improvements directly related to increasing throughput, reducing cycle times, and optimizing work in process levels through increased integration of the value chain, better visualization of the process, and enhanced tools for optimizing operations taking into account both historical and real time data. PADME will create a Smart Production Line for assembly through increased automation and digitalization. It will verify if, how, and when CPAS will work as the next generation integration platform for a Smart Factory in DM contexts. One critical objective for this project is to demonstrate that radical improvements can be implemented quickly by adapting Industry 4.0 strategies and existing state-of-the-art technology in new configurations and applications. The success of this project can serve as a framework to push forward existing technologies in the Swedish industry towards higher productivity at lower costs.