ProjectPhi² - Sharing your whereabouts by scanning a barcode

Phi² - Sharing your whereabouts by scanning a barcode

In 2010 location-sharing became very popular. People use mobile services like foursquare to share their whereabouts by doing a “Check-In”. Using these services can be fun but the search for venues in current implementations is sometimes tedious. So why not interacting with real-world venues instead of entering a place manually within the application?

Within the Phi² project (‘phi-square’ = ‘physical check-ins for foursquare’) we create and evaluate different Check-In methods for location-sharing. Instead of scrolling through a list, users can now interact with physical artifacts in the real world to select and share a place.

One of our approaches - the Phi² Scanner - is an application that is using 2D barcodes for the check-in. This application is available in the Android market, which allows us to evaluate the new check-in method in a large scale. A tag generator at our project website enables users to print stickers and place them at a venue to create a user-generated infrastructure for the system.

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