Platform Security for Critical Infrastructures

This project is sponsored by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) and is a so called initiation project within the Vinnova innovation driven development program. The ultimate target is to develop solutions for secure life-cycle management of platforms used for security and safety critical real-time functionality in a wide range of applications and infrastructure solutions. The framework will include solutions for use of virtualized platforms with all required functions needed for monitoring and fail-safe operations. The framework will allow modularization of solutions, development of businesses with specialized competencies, offerings of turn-key functionality, etc. in this area, which in turn will open up for an open and dynamic market with rapid developments. In this initial step different stakeholders’ needs will be explored. It will also review what is technically possible to achieve and to formulate research issues and development tasks for future cooperation project. This work can be seen as a technical and commercial pre-study for a standardization project. The initial focus areas will be technologies for the process automation, energy, communications, and security industry.