The main goal of the PRIMA project is to provide concrete means to successfully guide and manage privacy in the context of future information and communication technologies. Based on an interdisciplinary Nordic and North-American network of experts within the disciplines of computer science, social science, and law, this will be achieved by collaboration with related projects in which the partners of the project consortium are active. The main deliverables of the project will be mockups and prototypes intended as concrete illustrations of both challenges of privacy in relation to future information technologies, and mechanisms for handling them. 

Prima is a collaboration between SICS, University of Tampere, The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institut, and Helsinki University of Technology. It is funded by Nordunet3.

The Prima project was concluded in June 2010, see the final report (stripped from financial information) for a summary of achievments. For more information regarding publications and results, please visit the site of the Privacy in the Making group.

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