Researchers at RISE SICS have developed a unique tool that will help Swedish industry to improve their productivity. Prindit is a simple tool that quickly indicates the status of a development project to identify improvement during the project implementation.
The project had good results and has resulted in a spin-off company to RISE SICS Västerås. Go to the company's homepage for more info.

the industry does not measure what is important

Today the linkage between what is important for successful product development projects and what is actually measured is weak. Many organizations focus on resources invested and the result, but disregard factors that enable the results. By focusing on success factors such as motivation, clear goals and support from managers the tool makes it possible to get the real-time status of a project as it is executed. Prindit puts numbers on the intuitive and experience-based conclusions that team members, project managers, and line managers have concerning what is working and what may need improvements in order to improve the daily work.

– Prindit is both quick and easy to use; it provides feedback to the individual, project team and organization in an instant. We don´t only want to measure what is important, but also support the teams to take actions on the issues that deserve the most attention each week. The data analysis provided in Prindit guide users towards executing successful projects, says Stefan Cedergren, project manager.

Motivation is a key factor

The predictive ability of Prindit increases as more company’s join, and the researchers are continuously improving the analytics capability in the tool. They can already see some generalizable results on how different factors relate to each other.
- Prindit shows for example that the motivation among the project members is a key success factor. Likewise, having a clear vision and the support needed to deliver results, says Stefan Cedergren.

The research team at SICS now continue the development of the tool in close collaboration with ABB Robotics, who was the first company to use Prindit and now use it globally.
- Successful product development projects are the key to our competitiveness: it is the results of the products we develop today that create tomorrow's sales. Prindit enables proactive measures during the implementation and then gives us instant feedback on the improvements we have implemented, says Staffan Elfving, ABB Robotics.


The methodology behind the tool has expanded to additional areas; Agile development and Innovation climate. A strong recent trend in industry is to apply agile methods in development projects to speed up the process from idea to product, by a series of short “sprints” that secure commitment of the team. The Prindit team has developed a new version of the tool that track status and facilitate learning related to agile development. At the same time are more and more organizations striving to increase their competitive advantage through innovation.

Prindit Innovation supports a weekly routine of continuous innovation climate development, but it also adds intelligence and a space for reflection concerning the greater challenges that are in need of a larger organizational reform of structure or processes for the organization to use all employees in innovation work. Prindit Innovation focuses on three categories: organizations need to develop the right conditions for innovation, secure the individuals motivation and encourage individuals to explore new opportunities.
- By reflecting on factors like trust, debate and involvement we improve the way we interact with colleagues, week by week. This boosts the right climate for creativity and innovation competence and support harvesting the creative power of the whole organization, says Anders Wikström, PhD in Innovation and Design.

The Prindit platform consists of three parts:

Petra Edoff about Prindit at SICS Open House 2015: