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Prindit Wellbeing

Nowadays we spend more time engaged in working activities than with our loved ones. The pressure on achievement is ever increasing and hardly leaves us even when we are at home, creating intense situations of stress and lack of meaning. This calls for more attention regarding the social and mental wellbeing at work in order to improve quality of life. Studies show that management lack knowledge on work environment issues and instead focus on the daily business. Wellbeing at work is considered both costly and hard to manage. For companies and employees to invest time and effort in wellbeing at work it needs to be quick, easy and fun. It also needs to provide measurable results. However, tools supporting wellbeing at work are missing. In this regard, one trend that is growing strongly is Quantified self, where a person directly contributes to measurements with the support of personal ICT devices. Popular examples are the way we analyze how well we sleep, how many steps we take in a day, how we eat etc. in order to improve our health and quality of life. In health care, there is a revolution in what we can measure and act on as individuals, with or without assistance from a health care professional. In our professional life this approach is still missing. While symptoms like burnout and stress among employees becomes more frequent and global competition and short term financial benefits affects the working environment negatively, the trend of Quantified self could be used to bring social and mental wellbeing into people's life. This trend becomes relevant when it comes to managing, measuring and analyzing how well we are performing, and, as said above, especially how well we are creating meaning and socialize in the work environment for the creation of innovation. 

Prindit wellbeing helps people to find meaning and a sense of purpose in their job and thereby increase their mental and social wellbeing. Research shows that employees find this meaning and wellbeing when they have the right understanding of their action and contribution, i.e. when they have the right measurement and feedback. In this project we develop an application based on Prindit, which currently measures and analyses success factors for executing development projects, to becoming a general scalable service with measurements to benefit mental and social quality of life for its users. Our vision is to build a unique experience of increased wellbeing at work by: 1) the improvement of the mental and social wellbeing for the individuals who will use the tool. A better mindfulness of how one's work contributes to her search for meaning, and interaction among colleagues with a social inclusion that leads to healthier lifestyle at work 2) the improvement of performance for the organizations and communities to which these individuals participate in 3) an increased scientific understanding of how mental and social wellbeing is created at work. Indeed, the tool will create a unique database of the weekly measurement from the individuals, that can be used to provide new insights into what affects the quality of working environments. Meaningful work activities leads to a better mental wellbeing through a better awareness of one's contribution to the creation of value, for the business and herself, and through acts of compassion and empowerment that make people feel in control of the situation. Through a continuous sharing of one's specific situation and an improved interaction with colleagues leads to a democratized workplace where people feel they have mandate in their own situation and to influence the working environment as a whole. Happy employees also demonstrate an increased productivity.