Yanzi Networks, a SME located in Kista, is developing a new product family based on Contiki OS and uIPv6, developed by SICS. SICS has been helping Yanzi with Contiki and uIPv6 porting and configuration.

For several years now, SICS has been working on research and development of standards based wireless sensor networks. Most of the results are available in Contiki operating systems such as the IPv6 network stack uIPv6 and the implementation of the recently standardized routing protocol: RPL.

Yanzi Networks, a provider of M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) services, focus on taking IP all the way to the devices. The developers at Yanzi are currently designing their next product family, a set of sensors and actuators, aimed at being low-cost, wireless, and battery powered. This is compatible with the focus and aim of Contiki OS.

SICS and Yanzi are collaborating on research projects such as the Living Nature project within the Consumer Oriented IoT Centre (see next page), and the creation of an industry-strength Contiki OS port and a set of management tools for the hardware platform selected by Yanzi. The first result from this collaboration is the Contiki OS native border router – connecting sensor nodes to the Internet – that was developed in 2012 by SICS. The native border router is not only a useful tool for Yanzi but has also been adopted by the large Contiki open-source community.