PROEIPAHA is a support and coordination type of project and will support the large European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP on AHA). EIP on AHA is an EU initiative prepared in 2010-2011, started in 2012 and consists of six Action Groups and 74 Reference Sites. 

The six Action Groups, which will be supported by PROEIPAHA, work and innovate in the following domains: 

  • Better prescription and adherence to medical plans for older patients
  • Falls Prevention
  • Prevention and early diagnosis of frailty and functional decline, both physical and cognitive, in older people
  • Integrated care for chronic diseases, including remote monitoring at regional level
  • Development of interoperable independent living solutions, including guidelines for business models
  • Innovation for age friendly buildings, cities and environment

The EIP on AHA brings together key stakeholders such as end users, public authorities and industry. All of these are actors in the innovation cycle, from research to adaptation, along with those engaged in standardisation and regulation. The Partnership provides these actors with a forum in which they can cooperate, united around a common vision that values older people and their contribution to society, as well as identify and overcome potential innovations barriers and mobilise instruments.

PROEIPAHA is about solving identified challenges, and to develop various support services that help the Partnerships and the six Action Groups in the on-going to achieve their goals. 

The PROEIPAHA consortium consists of 14 partners from the Member States, including: SICS Swedish ICT, Open Evidence, Central Denmark Region, VTT, AENOR, Nordic Healthcare Group, PAU Education, EHMA, ERRIN, Tecnalia, RESAH, Inovamais, Outsight, and the project coordinator is Funka, Sweden.

SICS Swedish ICT will support the six Action Groups to e.g. find possible matching funding sources in different EU funding programmes.

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