ProjectReal-time Analytics for Cloud Network Management

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Real-time Analytics for Cloud Network Management

Next-generation telecom and Internet services will execute on telecom clouds, which will combine the flexibility of today’s computing clouds with the service quality of telecom systems. In the REALM-project, we develop components for real-time service assurance within telecom clouds, based on in-network analytics, machine learning and probabilistic modeling.

Rapidly increasing amounts of data are both requested and generated by mobile handsets. To provide timely services to the future customers, applications will have to run further out in the telecom network in a decentralized and adaptive manner, requiring fast and efficient tools for managing compute, storage and network resources. Moreover, large amounts of measurements and metrics related to the network performance are available, but currently only a few metrics are used as basis for management decisions - efficient analysis of all the data available would lead to more optimized management decisions and network operations.

In the REALM project, we are determined to create a monitoring platform for the future telecom networks, capable of performing large-scale data analytics on monitoring data. The approach that we develop will enable detection of complex anomalies and performance degradations, and will allow for monitoring different aspects of the network performance in real-time. 

The project is Vinnova funded and includes KTH (project coordinator) and EAB as project partners.