Requirements formulation, leadership and evaluation of challenge-driven research and development

The project investigates the lessons learned from current Vinnova’s Challenge Driven Innovation program. The goal of this project is to create a knowledge base for challenge-driven research- and development activities by targeting project management, project constellation and ways of working.

There has been a shift in focus within both industry and public research funding. The Vinnova program challenge-driven innovation is a clear example of this: funding is admitted to constellations that can promise results that contribute to "economic, green and socially sustainable growth" in four areas (Future Healthcare, Sustainable attractive cities, Information Society 3.0, and Competitive Production). An important tool for bringing about this change is "Innovation in the interfaces between sectors and actors." The focus of the performance targets for the funded projects is situated on the change that their results create.

The organizations and methods that are required to deliver change in the production, organization and society are more complex and turbulent than those required to achieve more traditional research results. This requires active collaboration between a large numbers of actors, with potential impacts on many stakeholders. These typically represent many different organizations and interests, spanning multiple industries and sectors of society. Research and development under these conditions pose new requirements on both the funding agency and the participating actors.

The project focuses on the ongoing projects of Vinnova’s Challenge Driven Innovation program (Utmaningsdriven innovation, UDI), and mainly on the projects in which Swedish ICT participates. The project aims to create a knowledge base that can be used for improving the initiation, planning, execution and monitoring of future challenge-driven activities related to research and development but also for further development of programs.

The project is funded by Vinnova, and led by SICS Swedish ICT in collaboration with IFL, Handelshögskolan.

The project has three-focus areas:

  • Project management
  • Innovation and innovation methods
  • Agile ways of working