ProjectSADV - Statistical Anomaly Detection and Visualization for Maritime Domain Awareness

SADV - Statistical Anomaly Detection and Visualization for Maritime Domain Awareness

The goal of the SADV-project is to provide significantly increased situation awareness related to all vessels within the range of available sensor systems by developing tools and methods for automatic extraction and highlighting of vessels with anomalous or suspicious behavior.

There are many platforms in use for maritime awareness and security. However, none of these systems support advanced automated anomaly detection. The existing platforms could gain from the tools and methods developed in this project. The aim of this project is to provide anomaly detection and accompanying visualization capabilities that may be incorporated in the platforms in use today.

The approach is to combine input from different sources and actors, such as radar and other sensors, responder systems, customs documentation, and historical data for customers and vessels. We will then use methods for statistical and rule based anomaly detection, to sieve through and extract entities deviating from expected behavior. Finally, this information will be presented to the operators and analysts in an intuitive and easily accessible way. The operators and analysts will be used to provide input on the requirements for anomalous activity detection.

The project partners are consortium consisting of:

SICS, Saab AB, the Swedish Customs Service, the Swedish Coast Guard, the Maritime Component Command of the Swedish Armed Forces, and the Swedish Space Corporation.