Personal safety in industry is today lifted as one of the most important strategic topics in Swedish industry. Looking at key performance indices, personnel safety is now an equal priority to productivity, cost, quality and sustainability. To ensure productivity, profit, quality and sustainability there are several automation systems on the market and a lot of ongoing research, while the area of personal safety in hazardous environments is not as far developed. This project puts people and safety in focus where the target is to create a safer industry. The project is divided into two parts: one part looks at how Gamification can be applied to increase the motivation to follow safety instructions where most incidents happen, and the second part aims to build a system for personal safety with new wearable sensors, IoT technologies and smart textiles. The project is linked to "Samverkans programmet" "Uppkopplad industri och nya material" where it touches "Digitalsäkerhet och tillförlitlighet", but primarily it is linked to the collaboration between large and small businesses, because we see that this project will result in new technology suppliers to the industry, also visible from the project's members.