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ProjectSituation-based Integration Testing of Automotive Systems using Guarded Assertions (SAGA)

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Situation-based Integration Testing of Automotive Systems using Guarded Assertions (SAGA)

Much of the innovation today in the automotive industry originates in software. The electrical system of a vehicle is becoming more and more complex with an increasing number of nodes and complex sensors, e.g. cameras and radars. This ultimately affects the testing effort, partly due to increased number of functions, but also due to new situations that must be considered by new sensors and software. It is of utmost importance that the testing effort can scale with this increasing complexity.

In SAGA, we address this by devising methods for generating test sequences and tests based on state-of-the-art test strategies that are particularly well suited for testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous vehicles. The main result will be a tool chain for automated generation and analysis of automotive system tests. The tool chain is expected to facilitate detection of defects earlier in the development process, more cost-effective testing, and higher quality products.

SAGA is a collaboration project between Scania CV AB and SICS supported by Vinnova through the FFI Vehicle Development programme.

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Flemström, Daniel and Gustafsson, Thomas and Kobetski, Avenir and Sundmark, Daniel (2016) A Research Roadmap for Test Design in Automated Integration Testing of Vehicular Systems. In: The Second International Conference on Fundamentals and Advances in Software Systems Integration (FASSI'16), Nice, France.

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