ProjectSeCThings: An Open Sensor Cloud Platform for the Interoperable Internet of Things

SeCThings: An Open Sensor Cloud Platform for the Interoperable Internet of Things

The next computing revolution is about to happen. Ericsson and Cisco predict 50 billion connected devices in 2020 most of them small embedded sensor and actuators that will form the Internet of Things (IoT).

But how do we configure all these devices without human intervention and how do we manage them and the data they produce in a secure and cost-efficient way? How do we avoid having to program this massive number of embedded devices in low level languages only relatively few developers master?

Our approach is a tight and secure integration of the cloud and the devices. Towards this end, the SeCThings project will provide a complete toolchain comprising IoT firmware, IoT device emulators and simulators, gateway software, and an IoT sensor cloud platform. This includes mechanisms for self-configuring, automatic provisioning, and management of devices and services as well as standards-based security mechanisms and security management to protect resources and data of users all the way from the physical devices to the applications in the cloud.

The main project partner is Yanzi Networks, a cutting edge SME that will develop products based on the project results. The project is also supported by Realtime Embedded AB and Uppsala University as well as two international companies, ST Microelectronics and AntMicro, preparing for international dissemination and follow-up projects.