ProjectSecureIoT: Certificate-based Security for Resource-constrained Internet of Things

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SecureIoT: Certificate-based Security for Resource-constrained Internet of Things

SecureIoT real deployment site in South Korea
Visit to a SecureIoT deployment site in South Korea


While the concept of IoT and its application systems are approaching commercialization and some even spread out in the market already, these systems are yet less considerable to the security vulnerabilities that can occur. Given that IoT systems are designed to monitor and capture various aspects of our everyday lives in micro-scale, this lack of security considerations can lead to significant problems as more and more IoT systems become prevalent. Through this project, we target to offer the much needed but currently missing IoT security products and services primarily to the Swedish and South Korean IoT markets and generally expand the outcomes of the projects to the global IoT market as well.

As results of the project we plan to (1) Enable automatic initial certificate enrollment with lightweight certificates and lightweight certificate revocation in the battery-powered IoT devices. (2) integrate IoT enrollment protocols with communication security protocols such as Datagram TLS (DTLS) and Internet Key Exchange (IKE), (3) develop a secure IoT gateway that is able to support contemporary IoT security protocols as well as legacy protocols to support existing deployment such as industrial sensor networks, and (4) perform validations of the designed protocols with two real IoT pilot deployments.

Contact: Shahid Raza 

SICS Swedish ICT Stockholm
Technology Nexus Secured Business Solutions AB

South Korea
Ajou University, 
APROS Co., Ltd.

​A Eurostars project consisting of partners from Sweden and South Korea