SEGRID: SEcurity for smart electricity GRIDs

Power supply infrastructures are facing radical changes. The introduction of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into power grids will allow to automatically monitor and control the power demand and supply. This concept is generally referred as Smart Grid, and is expected to exponentially grow during the coming years. However, ICT systems are increasingly subject to security cyber attacks, which can have a disruptive impact on the whole power grid, and put at risk people's safety and business interests.

The EU research project SEGRID is devoted to enhance the protection of Smart Grids against cyber attacks. SEGRID is funded by the European Commission in the Seventh Framework research and innovation Programme. With a budget of 4.5 Million Euro over three years, the project brings together Europe's leading companies and research institutes in the areas of energy distribution, power supply and critical infrastructures, communication and system security.

With reference to five smart grid use cases, SEGRID will apply a risk management analysis approach, define security requirements, and determine gaps in current security technologies, standards and regulations. The identified gaps and the analysis itself will give input to the enhancement of risk assessment methodologies and the development of novel security solutions for smart grids. SEGRID is expected to deliver a major contribution to the protection of smart grids of 2020 against cyber attacks by:

  • Identifying threats and potential future cyber-attack pathways;
  • Identifying the gap between currently available security standards, methods and measures;
  • Evaluating and improving current risk management methodologies to optimally address the key risk factors;
  • Developing new security methods and measures for privacy, communication and system security in smart grids;
  • Building up a realistic Security Integration Test Environment (SITE) to test and verify new security methods and solutions;
  • Feeding the established results into European and global standardization bodies, industry groups and smart grid suppliers, assuring that results fit the needs of such communities and raise awareness among stakeholders.

The consortium with ten partners from six European countries is led by TNO (The Netherlands) as administrative and technical coordinator. Further partner include SICS Swedish ICT AB (Sweden), Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Sweden), Instituto Consultivo para el Desarrollo (Spain),  European Network for Cyber Security U.A. (The Netherlands), Alliander (The Netherlands), ABB Schweiz AG (Switzerland) and ABB AS Corporate Research (Norway), Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal), EDP Distribuição Energia S.A. (Portugal), and ZIV smart metering solutions (Spain). Furthermore, SEGRID has a formal liaison with the smart grid related project SPARKS.

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