District heating plant



SICS Västerås is involved in a project called SIMOVA which is a collaboration between SICS Swedish ICT, Modelon AB and Vattenfall AB. The goal of the project is to significantly improve today’s production planning of the heating plant in Uppsala’s district heating plant by integrating a physical model of the production facility with dynamic optimization.

The optimization algorithm allows for a careful plant description based on conservation laws in terms of mass flow and enthalpies instead of simple heat flow. The goal is to improve the dynamic performance of the plant in terms of both supply temperature and flow, and electricity production, which are time-varying based on the electricity price and the weather forecasts. SICS together with Modelon are responsible in delivering the integrated optimization and simulation model and results for the dynamic performance of Uppsala’s district heating plant with the objective of maximizing the profit. The expected outcomes of the project aside from a simple and more accurate model are a cost efficient production plan, optimized temperature and flow in the supply line, and the effective use of thermal storage and better planning of electricity production with respect to the time-varying electricity prices.