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Smarta Flöden

To be in the forefront, Swedish process industry need to make digitization efforts that matters. Many traditional automation tasks in processes industry have been refined over long periods of time and to make a leap in efficiency and competitiveness will require novel and innovative methods. Machine learning is a promising technology that have been applied to many challenging tasks. Moreover, by using IoT and cloud technologies it is now cost efficient to transfer large amounts of information to data centers and analyze them at a massive scale. It is also possible to mix data from different sources and add data sources that has not been practically available in the traditional automation environment.

The industrial process flows are constantly evolving, e.g., in a mine with progress of new drifts. Thus, industrial application of machine learning will require continuous and automated adaption of the algorithms. The Smart Flows project will enable the anticipated learning machines for the process industry with potential to significantly reduce economic and environmental costs.

The primary case to use for developing and validating the concepts in the project is related to district heat production and distribution from the combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Västerås, which is the largest in Sweden. In the plant, there are several interconnected production units, such as boilers, condensers, and energy storages, that are used to produce hot water distributed through pipes to a network of customers.  The process should fulfill production and end-user requirements while minimizing production costs. To plan for the production, the losses, delays and the predicted heat demand for each customer needs to be taken into account.

Smarta Flöden is lead by SICS and it is financed by Vinnova and the strategic innovation program PiiA. The project partners include Mälarenergi, ABB, Sigholm, and Evothings, together with the broad consortia and reference group from Swedish process industry.


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