ProjectSNAP - The Sensor Network Appstore

SNAP - The Sensor Network Appstore

Early on, sensor networks were intended to be deployed as so-called smart dust: a large number of sensors were spread into the environment to be sensed, and the individual identity of each sensor was not important. Deployment experience has, however, shown that the density, function, and location of each individual node are of critical importance, which leads to a significantly more difficult deployment problem.

We target the deployment problem by leveraging out-of-band identification of sensor nodes using QR codes, a smartphone deployment interface, and a sensornet app store that allows the functionality of each individual node to be rapidly changed to suit emerging deployment patterns.

SNAP is based on a low-power IPv6 network that provides direct access from nodes to the smartphone application, allowing applications to be transparently partitioned across the sensornet or the outside network.


 Leveraging IP for Sensor Network Deployment pdf.




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