ProjectSystem-of-Systems Safety Evaluation

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System-of-Systems Safety Evaluation

Future solutions within cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) will increasingly involve autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles that are connected to each other to form a system-of-systems (SoS). The various components, such as vehicles and infrastructure, will retain a certain independence, both in terms of its operation and ownership, and this poses new challenges for safety analysis. Current methods, such as ISO 26262, focus on ensuring that the system supplier (for example, an OEM) can guarantee their product's safety. This is however not sufficient to achieve safety of the interconnected SoS, since the overall safety is a function of the dynamic interaction between the parts.

This project is a pre-study designed to test new safety assessment methods based on systems thinking, to solve the problems that arise in the SoS. The project will carry out a safety assessment for highway platooning of trucks to better understand which techniques are suitable for safety analysis of SoS in general, and C-ITS in particular.