ProjectSTB - Settopbox Consortium

STB - Settopbox Consortium

The aim of the project Set Top Box Consortium, funded by Vinnova as AIS-44, is to support the development of standards and guidelines for real-time communication in broadband communication nets in a joint effort with industry. The aim is also to support Swedish industry in the areas of multimedia terminals and services.The project has four main activities:

STB Forum for exchange of information about standards and their use.

Verification Tools for development of software for verification of real-time services delivered over the internet/IP.

Mark-up of real-time data. A research project for investigation of IPR protection techniques in peer-to-peer networks.

Best-Effort Video for research about robust video-coding algorithms for managing congestions on the internet.

A special effort, recently initiated, involves development, implementation and installation of a video server testbed and network for home applications in co-operation with HomeCome Linköping.

Project Manager: Robert Forchheimer

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