ProjectStruct: Structural Health Monitoring with Networked Embedded Systems

Struct: Structural Health Monitoring with Networked Embedded Systems

The objective of the Struct project is the development of technology and algorithms for structural monitoring using networked embedded systems, in our case wireless sensor networks.As a case study we target railway bridges, which represent a challenging environment for this type of technology. In contrast to mainstream deployments of networked embedded systems, our scenario is highly data intensive and poses stringent requirements in terms of data accuracy, reliability, and lifetime.

To meet these challenges, we will develop a custom hardware platform that includes energy harvesting devices, and we will design and implement an efficient software stack to enable reliable data transfers at low energy costs. Additional software functionality will also include novel solutions for in-network data processing and on-line sensor calibration, which are required for long-term operation. Furthermore, we will deploy our solutions on real railway bridges to test their performance. This effort will represent thefirst long-term deployment of networked embedded systems for monitoring railway bridges. Deployments will happen in subsequent iterations, so the hardware/software solution will be adapted and modified based on the feedback gathered from real-world installations.

In this project we collaborate with KTH, the Division of Structural Design and Bridges and with IIT Bombay.

The project is funded by VINNOVA.

Photo: Årstabron in Stockhom, by Joel Höglund.


Joel Höglund interviewed at SICS Open House 2015.