Systems-of-systems agenda

This project aims at developing a strategic innovation agenda for the field of system-of-systems
(SoS). In an SoS, existing systems, each of which has its own value, are integrated with each other
so that the constituent systems work together for a common purpose. This integration is often
dominated by information technologies. SoS is an important element in the digitization of society, to
allow for the automation of flows and higher efficiency.

System integration is traditionally a Swedish area of strength. By extending this knowledge from
individual systems to SoS, the system developing industry in Sweden gets better opportunities. A
Swedish home market allows companies to develop SoS solutions, and society benefits through
timely access to efficiency enhancements. It also provides a breeding ground for SME´s that can
either help with specific components, or to specialize in the integration of the SoS for creating
innovative services. The agenda provides a basis for these effects by interaction between the parties.

The project will be led by SICS, and carried out in collaboration with industry partners from different
sectors. The project is also supported by the Swedish chapter of the International Council of
Systems Engineering (INCOSE Sweden), contributing an extensive network in the area. The work
will be conducted in the form of a series of workshops, combined with analysis and information
retrieval between meetings.

Workshops, with some presentation material

As part of the project, the 1st Scandinavian Workshop on the Engineering of Systems-of-Systems (SWESoS 2015) is also organized.

Final report

Systems-of-systems for border-crossing innovation in the digitized society - A strategic research and innovation agenda for Sweden

More information

As a follow up to activities started in the agenda project, Jakob Axelsson sometimes blogs about system-of-systems at