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Tangible Handimation

Animating virtual characters and objects is an important step in creating feature movies, commercials, and computer games today. This project, Tangible Handimation, is based upon a master thesis project, Handimation, which is a novel method for creating animated characters faster, cheaper and in real-time compared to current practice. It allows replay and rewind functionality in combination with recording during playback which drastically decreases the turnaround time.

The objectives of Tangible Handimation were to extend Handimation with collaborative support, to allow skills from different animators to be used simultaneously in real-time. Furthermore, Tangible Handimation introduced support for a broader range of interaction device to enable animators to make use of skill sets from traditional crafts such as puppeteering. Specifically, support for collaboration for multiple users and input from cheap input devices like the Nintendo Wiimote has been explored.

In co-operation with the industry the project created a prototype of Tangible Handimation to demonstrate the potentials of the system. The project employed participatory design methods to define the development of the prototype in dialogue with all stakeholders of animation projects. The result from the project is  currently exhibited at the Center of Visualization in Göteborg.

For more information on the results from the project read the NordiCHI article or the final project report. Even more information is available on the download page.

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Svensson, Anders and Björk, Staffan and Åkesson, Karl-Petter (2008) Tangible handimation - real-time animation with a sequencer-based tangible interface. In: NordiChi, 20-22 October 2008, Lund, Sweden.

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Within the Tangible Handimation project SICS and the Interactive Institute collaborated with Klaus Lyngeled from Zoink Animation as well as Anders Svensson around the core concepts.

Through for workshops we engaged participants from different parts of the animations industry including people from Film i Väst and SVT.

Tangible Handimation is based on Anders Svenssons master thesis work and the software Handimation which he created during his work with the thesis. Anders is currently commercializing Handimation through Eysimir Design.


Different material to download

The project has published a short paper on NordiCHI conference, see the publications page. The poster shown at the conference and also at the SICS openhouse 2009 can be downloaded. Even more information is available in the project final report.

Furthermore an article was written about the project for the Dassault Systems customer magasine. Download and read the PDF.

As a proof of concept, Zoink Animation, decided to use Handimation for all animations for the Duncan Sheik music video Earthbound Starlight which they were commissioned to produce during the autumn of 2008. In three days all animations were produced using Handimation. See a short clip below.

Anders Svensson presented Tangible Handimation at the Visual Forum 2009. Presentation available here.

Karl-Petter Åkesson presented Tangible Handimation at the SICS Open house 2009. The presentation is here as well as a short handout which visitors could bring home.