Testing of decision support tools for dynamic planning of fire and rescue resources with serious games

Swedish titel: DYRK – Dynamisk planering av responssystemet i kommunen
Project information (swedish)
Project report (swedish)

In this project we have studied decision support tools for dynamic and operational planning of fire and rescue resources.

The Swedish fire and rescue services have traditionally used a static form of planning and resource management. Recently, a new way of planning fire and rescue services has started to spread in Sweden. The new approach means that the firefighters may be divided into smaller groups, and when an accident occurs, the resources with shortest response times are dispatched dynamically. To be able to handle this complex situation the dispatchers need support tools that help them in the decision process.

The test of the decision support tools was performed with the serious games environment C3Resce. The serious game environment creates an emergency response and command and control environment where the dispatcher and emergency organization can experience the emergency response and the dynamic planning in a realistic and controlled way. The game environment and the support tools handle the available resources, vehicles, personnel and their competence.

To test the decision support 16 rescue services in Sweden did experience the decision support tool in realistic setting. Two sets of experiments was performed, one set where the rescue service personnel has limited access to the decision support and one set where they had full support. The main results show that the simple tools as resource selection and preparedness visualization did help. While the complex tools should as preparedness adaption should be handle as advice and be more modified to specific situations.

For more information contact : Rego Granlund

Time: 2011 - 2016

The project was financed by Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, project ID MSB 2011-2655.
Performed in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology (ITN) at Linköping University.

Project information (swedish)
Project report (swedish)


C3Rescue user interface

Resource management user interface


Resource recommendation visualization

Preparedness visualization