The Next Generation Internet

The Next Generation Internet (NGI) is the European initiative launched to identify the future Internet technology, designed to serve the needs of the digitalized society while ensuring privacy, trust, decentralization, openness, inclusion, and business cooperation. The NGI will be built on addressing technical challenges across all levels (bottom-up and top-down) of Internet usage (user, application, management, infrastructure) to support a free, open and interoperable Internet, developed and used at its full potential at all levels of technology, business and society.

Fundamental questions about the current and future capabilities of the Internet, research tracks and technical solutions (platforms, apps, edge computing, services), innovation and businesses opportunities (new currency, security, fairness), as well as civil services (communication, information awareness, tools) are currently under assessment by the drivers of the European NGI initiative. In synergy with the European NGI initiative, we will carry out a national study with the aim of broadly identifying Swedish NGI interests and demands. 

The main approach involves mapping of future Internet scenarios based on the input from stakeholders and users representing academia, industry as well as private and public sectors of the society. Participating organizations volunteer to provide input on their views on future scenarios and NGI-related questions. 

The output of the project will be aimed at providing initial insights and indications on the expected development and needs among represented organizations of the study in the perspective of future Internet.

The project is funded by Vinnova.