ProjectTIMM - Train Information Monitoring and Management

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TIMM - Train Information Monitoring and Management

Today the European railways are being deregulated and massive sums are invested in new infrastructure rail transportation is expected to increase considerably. The pressure on the railways to provide more flexible and efficient rail transportation makes it necessary to develop tools for common status information, deviation detection, prognoses, dynamic re-planning and optimisation. Such tools facilitate e.g. condition monitoring of vehicles and infrastructure via sensors in the vehicle or in the infrastructure.

The proposed project deals with the process of designing a platform for Train Information Monitoring and Management (TIMM). The overall objectives are

  • To create novel means for planning, operation and analysis of the rail system based on acquiring relevant information
  • To make the rail industry more flexible, efficient and robust
  • To generate advanced research that can lead to new innovative products and solutions for the rail system

This is a joint project between KTH, SICS, Bombardier Transportation, Banverket, SKF Condition Monitoring Centre, and Tågoperatörerna. The main work is performed at KTH and SICS.