This project aims at combining an existing research in building secure distributed systems (XACML 3.0) with existing research in building robust distributed systems (DKS).

Privilege management plays an important role in business applications, especially in cooperative projects, where resources are shared between multiple enterprises. A common problem for privilege management systems is that the privilege database has to have a very high availability; otherwise users may not be able to access the resources they are entitled to. Privilege databases therefore need robust storage mechanisms and reliable communication links between this storage and the services that have to make access decisions.

Structured peer-to-peer networks have become a promising technology to build robust distributed systems. Many business applications could benefit from the robustness of such systems. However all business applications also have various security requirements, in order to protect confidential business data and transactions. Current peer-to-peer technologies do not provide such functionality and can therefore not be used in such scenarios.

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