ValueTracker™ connects several domains in an organization to power both efficient and effective product development:
•It connects to the planning of features and requirements with its associated value
•It includes updated business cases based on the latest market input
•It connects to the time tracking system for reporting how much time is spent on each project
•It connects to the project portfolio management system

Altogether ValueTracker™ addresses the problems of managing complex development projects and portfolios in a world of fast changing market conditions. By combining several perspectives, ValueTracker™ provides tools for both optimizing customer value creation and maximizing the leverage of investments in product development.

ValueTracker™ offers a solution to assessing the value of an individual project as well as on a complete portfolio of projects.

As a result we will for a specific project:
•Adapt the individual project to the changing market conditions
•Optimizing value creation on a project by investing in the best features and requirements
•Real-time monitoring of value creation flow and identification of bottle necks in the development execution through Development in Progress
•Create a common understanding in the project team of what creates value and what is not

On portfolio level we will:
•Monitor the amount of Products in Development
•Apply a CONDIP strategy to the portfolio and maximize the flow of new products
•Control the inflow, when it is time to start new projects
•Invest in the best projects in the portfolio, i.e. the project that for the same investments releases the highest value