Visualization of complex situations to strengthen human-automation collaboration in real-time systems

Swedish titel: Visualisering av komplexa situationer för att stärka samarbete människa-automation i realtidssytem

A C3Rescue experiment based research project, founded by Swedish Research Council, (Vetenskapsrådet), with a goal to study visualizations methods when human operators collaborate with automated systems in high stakes environments where the control and coordination is centralized to a control center. 

Keeping humans in control of highly automated high stakes environments is one of the greatest emerging challenges for the combined areas of human-computer interaction and information visualization.  High stakes domains are characterized by uncertain and sometimes unforeseen situations that may escalate rapidly. In industries such as nuclear power management and air traffic control, information rich high stakes environments have emerged through automation of human work together with centralization of control and coordination. This pattern is now also emerging in other parts of society, such as home health care, emergency response, and ambulance dispatch. 

Since it has proven practically impossible in high stakes domains to plan for every contingency, humans must collaborate with automated systems to stay in control. Situations and plans must simultaneously be considered on several levels, ranging from the status of physical items or actions, to overarching, and sometimes conflicting, qualities and goals.

The goal of this project is to test generic methods for visualization of complex situations to strengthen human-automation collaboration in real-time systems, through research on: visualization and interaction techniques specifically targeting this area, integrating the visualization techniques in existing automated systems, and experimentally evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed methods. 

In experiment series we will evaluate operator level of understanding of automation plans and situation descriptions, and level of trust in automation plans and situation descriptions.  We will also test and evaluate operator ability to monitor and modify plans from the automation with a high level of understanding and confidence when disagreeing with the automation. 

For more information contact : Rego Granlund

Time: 2016 - 2019

The project is founded by Swedish Research Council, (Vetenskapsrådet).
Performed in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology (ITN) at Linköping University.