Pervasive games are location-based computer games that are always
present and surround the user. With a number of existing commercial
games, It's Alive Mobile Games AB is a strong player within this new
gaming market. SICS and It's Alive will join their efforts to prepare
for the future of pervasive games through a transition from 2G to 3G
mobile handsets and the integration of more powerful terminals such as
home PCs. SICS and It's Alive will develop a software bridge between
their respective platforms, DIVE and Matrix. Based on this bridge, an extension to the virtual soap-opera Supafly
will be built. The extension, called the videomap will enhance the
regular Web interface to the game with a Virtual Reality component that
allows home users to interact with and visualise mobile users in
(pseudo) real-time and in three-dimensions, instead of the current
two-dimensional map.

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