Senior researchers

SICS provides an excellent opportunity for researchers to combine an academic career with exposure to industry challenges. Within the framework of SICS research agenda, the senior researchers have great opportunities to develop their own areas of interest. They are responsible for the funding of their own projects and typically lead research groups or laboratories at SICS. 45 of SICS senior researchers are Ph.D.s, five of them share their time as professors at KTH or Stockholm University.

PhD students

25% of SICS researchers are Ph.D. students at Swedish or international universities. They are employed by SICS and conduct their research in SICS funded projects.

Guest researchers and scholarships

Every year SICS attracts guest researchers and post docs from universities abroad, mainly from Europe, USA, China, Iran, and Egypt. We have young researchers on ERCIM Alain Bensoussan Fellowship and Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship. Likewise, our own researchers go abroad as guest researchers to broaden their view, get new contacts and develop their expertise.

Master's Thesis students

Apart from the 140 researchers employed by SICS, about 20 students do their Master's Theses work in SICS projects.

Open Positions

The best way to apply for work at SICS is to send a complete CV and other relevant material to the lab manager of the lab where your area of interest fits in. Job openings are also announced here.

Gender equality

SICS is an organization where gender equality is important. At SICS women and men should have the same rights and opportunities regarding working life, research and education. Our goal is to increase the number of the underrepresented gender in all positions. We work actively with gender equality plans and policies and we take part in a gender research project on gender equality in research organizations.

An academic career with industrial challenges

SICS provides an opportunity for researchers to combine an academic career with exposure to industry challenges. Over the last 20 years, more than 50 researchers have received their Ph.D. degree based on project work carried out at SICS and approx. 20 Master's students carry out their thesis work at SICS every year. Many SICS researchers move on to either academia or industry, taking a unique and valuable combination of skills and experience with them. Over the years, 18 professors have been recruited from SICS, and hundreds of researchers have moved on to pursue careers in industry.

In 2013, 64 out of 113 scientists hold a Ph.D. degree at SICS.


All scientific publications of SICS are listed in SODA. SODA is the online repository for publications from Swedish ICT.

Every year, SICS researchers publish approx. 85 scientific publications, including reviewed articles in international scientific journals, conference and workshop proceedings, book chapters, and technical reports. In addition to publications, SICS researchers disseminate their results to fellow academic researchers by organizing and participating at academic conferences and workshops. The industrial partners of SICS benefit from SICS prominent position in the international research community with front line research and international expertise within reach.