Performance of Municipal Crisis Management Teams: The Impact of GPS in a C4ISTAR Mission Environment

Granlund, H., Granlund, R., and Dahlbäck, N
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Conference item

This research investigates the impact of a geographical positioning system (GPS) on two different participant groups, university students and municipal crisis management teams. The goal is to identify differences in the work processes of teams that have access to a GPS in their command posts, compared to teams that use paper maps.
A total of 132 students and 108 professionals, forming 40 teams, where tested in a simulated C4ISTAR mission environment.
The identified differences was mapped to the corresponding C4ISTAR notions, indicating an influence on decision quality and performance, not only for military use but also for control and communication systems, designed to support municipal crisis management teams in Sweden.

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ICCRTS2011, the International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium