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Gautier Berthou

+46 70 648 76 37
gautier.berthou [at] ri.se

Markus Bohlin
Research Leader, Adj. Professor
+46 70 787 66 08
markus.bohlin [at] ri.se

Mats Carlsson
PhD, Docent, Senior Researcher
+46 70 264 71 80
mats.carlsson [at] ri.se

Jan Ekman
PhD, Senior Researcher

jan.ekman [at] ri.se

Jawad Elomari
+46 76 127 10 66
jawad.elomari [at] ri.se

Sara Gestrelius
Ph Lic, Researcher

sarag [at] sics.se

Hans Hansson
Professor, Scientific leader

hans.hansson [at] ri.se

Anders Holst
PhD, Assoc. Prof.

anders.holst [at] ri.se

Anders OE Johansson
Assisting program manager, PiiA

anders.johansson [at] ri.se

Arndt Jonasson

arndt [at] sics.se

Per Kreuger
PhD, Senior Researcher

per.kreuger [at] ri.se

Ian Marsh
PhD, Senior Researcher

ianm [at] sics.se

Tomas Olsson
PhD, Senior Researcher

tomas.olsson [at] ri.se

Amir H. Payberah
Senior Researcher
+46-72-55 44 011
amir [at] sics.se

Pasqualina Potena
Senior Researcher

pasqualina.potena [at] ri.se

Zohreh Ranjbar
PhD, Researcher

zohreh.ranjbar [at] ri.se

Erik Rissanen
Chief Technical Officer at Blockchain Innovation Centre

mirty [at] sics.se

Åsa Rudström
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 774 88 32
asa.rudstrom [at] ri.se

Babak Sadighi
Director of Blockchain Innovation Centre
+46 70 229 701
babak.sadighi [at] ri.se

Sahar Tahvili

sahar.tahvili [at] ri.se

Theodore Vasiloudis
+46 70 047 74 23
tvas [at] sics.se



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PiiA - Strategic Innovation Program

PiiA will strengthen Swedish competitiveness

SICS Västerås has been assigned to host the programme office for a new SIP, Strategic Innovation Program, for Sweden. The new SIP is Process Industrial IT and Automation: PiiA. Process Industrial IT and automation is an area where several Swedish companies are world leading when it comes to developing, delivering, integrating and using automation technology.

Right now, the activities of PiiA are being formed. In autumn 2013, eight pilot studies were granted, and in 2014 further calls and projects will be implemented. There will be program activities such as conferences or mentoring program and other strategic initiatives in PiiA, such as test-beds or graduate schools.

PiiA is one of five strategic innovation areas of Sweden appointed in 2013. The focus of SIP's is to contribute to a mobilization where industry, academia and the public sector together strengthen the competitiveness of Sweden and create conditions for sustainable solutions to global societal challenges. Responsible authorities are VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

Learn more about the programme at www.sip-piia.se