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Stockholm Living Lab - Urban user driven innovation

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Stockholm Living Lab is an organization where users play an important role for development of digital services for mobile and fixed network applications. Users participate from all aspects in the development cycles, from an early idea phase to a late test phase.

The organization offers web sites for services to be shown, methods for user involvement, access to users groups, meeting places both physical as on the web.  We run serveral projects in the area.

Focus areas are:

  • e-health services and needs for elderly living at home.
  • Support to SME companies for effective product development.
  • Commercilization of digital services over the broadband networks

Rob Comber
PhD, ERCIM Research Fellow
+46 72 453 25 71
rob.comber [at]

Mattias Jacobsson
PhD, Senior Researcher

mattias.jacobsson [at]

Björn Löfvendahl
Research Engineer
+46 73 084 46 05
bjorn.lofvendahl [at]

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