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Science AreasInternet-of-Things and Sensor Networks

Internet-of-Things and Sensor Networks

NETWORKED Embedded Systems GROUP

The Networked Embedded Systems Group is lead by Thiemo Voigt.

The current research focus is on wireless sensor networks systems and the Internet of Things.

Among the group's key technologies are the Contiki operating system and uIP stack, both created by the group's alumnus Adam Dunkels.

Key research interests include

  • Wireless sensor and Internet of Things systems. Projects: Promos, ESNA.
  • Low-power IP networks. Projects: Promos, Calipso, SICSLowpan.
  • Sensor network programming. Projects: Promos, ReSense, MakeSense.
  • Sensor network simulation. Projects: CONET.
  • Internet of Things for energy management. Projects: SmartPower, NOBEL.
  • Smart antennas for sensor networks. Projects: WISENET, AppSN.
  • Predictable performance in wireless sensor networks. Projects: GINSENG, ReSense.
  • Interference generation and robustness against interference. Projects: CONET, ReSense.
  • Applying AI methods to sensor networking. Project: Utility.
  • Sensor networks in climate research. Projects: WISENET, Klimat.
  • Security in standard-based networked embedded systems. Projects: CNS, CONET.

We conduct projects together with industry and academic partners from Sweden and across the world.

We can offer post-doc positions in networked embedded systems/wireless sensor networks via ERCIM. Applications are coordinated by Thiemo Voigt.


Ali Balador
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 73 053 21 33
ali.balador [at]

Fehmi Ben Abdesslem
PhD, Senior Researcher

fehmi.ben.abdesslem [at]

Pär Hansson

par.hansson [at]

Luca Mottola
Ph. D., Associate Professor

luca.mottola [at]

Jawad Mustafa
+46 73 920 24 26
jawad.mustafa [at]

Akhila Rao

akhila.rao [at]



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