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Network Management

Managing cloud services and the operations of network infrastructures include resource planning and allocation, performance monitoring and troubleshooting and much more. Together with the telecom industry and academic partners in Europe, Swedish ICT SICS is leading the way towards efficient management systems enabling the next-generation networks and networking.

Part of our work includes the development of network management key-concepts and approaches, such as

  • Autonomic configuration of network equipment based on high-level objectives and policies;
  • Traffic modeling for the analysis of traffic components and resource management.
  • Software-defined networking and management tools for scalable performance monitoring and efficient troubleshooting.

The approaches are for a large part based on probabilistic management and modeling.

For information about specific topics that we currently address, or to get in touch with people working in the network management area, please check "People" and "Projects" on the right side of this page.


Björn Bjurling
PhD, Senior Researcher

bjorn.bjurling [at]

Akhila Rao

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