Fredrik Sandqvist

Fredrik SandqvistFredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation and Operational Excellence, Coor Service Management:
 IoT and Integrated Facility Management – a perfect match


Coor Service Management specializes in large integrated facility management (IFM) contracts where synergies are achieved both between services and geographies. From an IFM point of view IoT is one of the most interesting technology areas to explore in order to enhance the customer experience, increase efficiency, secure sustainability and power improvements and innovation. Together with Intel, TeliaSonera and Yanzi, Coor is running an IoT-pilot at the Coor HQ in Kista focusing on applying sensor technology on different objects and spaces in an office environment. This presentation explains how well Integrated Facility Management and IoT fits together, it describes the Coor IoT-vision and the setup of the pilot currently running.


Fredrik Sandqvist is leading the Coor Innovation Program at Coor Service Management. When Fredrik joined Coor as a Change Manager in 2006 he spent the first two year managing complex post-merger integration and change programs throughout the Coor Group. Since 2008 Fredrik has been responsible for several group functions and capabilities such as Service Development, Business Development Support and Innovation & Operational Excellence, incl. Strategic Change and HSE. Prior to joining Coor, Fredrik worked as a Management Consultant with Accenture for almost seven years focusing on strategy, marketing, sales and service capabilities within the Automotive and Transportation industries.