Johan Falk

KEYNOTE Johan Falk, Head of Edge Cloud Game Changer Program and IoT Ignition Lab, Intel Corporation: Accelerating Innovation and scale-out with IoT


IoT/ICT will be essential in transforming cities and business towards increased efficiency, customer and people value, driving down cost and achieving key sustainability objectives. This will be enabled by a horizontal, secure, standard IT approach extending cloud services all the way out to the edge.  Intel has recently established an Intel IoT Ignition Lab in Stockholm, which is one of 5 similar labs in Europe.  The purpose will be to accelerate innovation, piloting of industry transforming IoT solutions in collaboration  with key partners and customers through the value chain,  validate customer value and business models practically. Further to show, market and scale out solutions on a global basis. Intel together with key partners is establishing a IoT Innovation Developers Network in Sweden end of year 2015, with the purpose to accelerate speed of innovation in regards to both services analytics as well as sensors and intelligent devices in close collaboration with leading companies and research institutes.


Johan Falk has recently been leading the establishment of Intel IoT (Internet of Things) Ignition Business Innovation Lab in Stockholm, opened in June 2014, focusing on Smart Sustainable Cities. The objective is to pilot, validate and scale-out next generation transformative IoT and communications solutions in collaboration with leading innovators in industry and government. Johan is also managing Intel’s Edge Cloud Game Changer Program which is aiming to establish computing at the edge of communication networks. He has been with Intel Corporation since 2006, responsible for Ericsson Strategic Relationship and also leading the transformation program to Intel Architecture in telecoms service networks successfully which awarded him Intel Design Win of the Year.