Per Bjälnes

Per Bjälnes, BIM Strategist, Tyrens AB:
Smart Building Information Management with IoT


Combining BIM Building information Management and IoT will not just give you a Smart building you will also have new interactive communication platform. Everyone connected to the building can easily use the information, the property owner, land lord, service provider, tenant, the guest to the tenant and also the community.


Per is working at Tyréns as a BIM strategist focusing on tools and methods for the handover and usage of the building information created under the design and construction phase of a building. Under the last 5 years, Per has been involved in the NKS project there he has been responsible for the information exchange between the healthcare and the facility management. Per has previously been working with building service management and service development for 25 year. Starting first at Ericsson Radio and continued at Coor Service Management.