SICS Center for Networked Systems

The Institute Excellence Center conducts, integrates, and exploits research in the area of networked systems with a new, multidisciplinary approach. We combine methods and results from three research areas; networking, distributed systems, and intelligent systems.

The center supports an environment, a creative meeting place, where SICS and the participating industry and university partners collaborate closely and effectively. We define and carry out projects together. The center actively promotes personnel mobility between the center partners, and supports competence development of the center partners. The center builds on and further enhances SICS’ international research reputation and constitutes a platform which increases our ability to participate in international research programs.
The center is guided by the vision of The Reliable Internet, a secure and reliable infrastructure for industry and society.

Internet technology of today has fundamental deficiencies concerning security, reliability, predictability and manageability. These deficiencies become severe when we start to depend on the network for critical applications, both for business and for government services including emergency and rescue services.
We take a networked systems approach, comprising the complete system view from user expectations to the underlying network technology, in order to address the needs of critical applications. Examples of such networked systems are:

  • mobile telecommunications systems
  • industrial automation systems
  • command and control systems for emergency services.


Increased heterogeneity of devices and physical networks. Both wired and wireless networks vary greatly in bandwidth, latency, and connectivity. Networks connect sensors and embedded devices as well as both high and low-end machines.
Increased complexity in terms of size and interaction patterns challenges network management methods.

Mobility and dynamicity. Users and sites will no longer have fixed addresses. Mobile users and new application and usage patterns demand great dynamicity.
Threats. Networks are under increasing attack by criminal, malicious or just anti-social elements (i.e., spam).

Networked applications. Proliferation of grid and peer-to-peer applications and increasing use of the Internet for content distribution.

Research Areas

  • Networking of information - taking an information-centric approach to desgning the network of the future.
  • Networked embedded systems - creating the programming and communication platform needed to realize the Internet of Things.
  • Self-management of networks and systems — developing automated methods for, e.g., resource management, and fault detection and analysis.
  • Security for systems and platforms — making secure computing platforms efficient to initialize, customize and deploy.
  • SICS Center for Networked Systems is an Institute Excellence Centre, that started in 2007 with a 6 year funding from VINNOVA, The Knowledge Foundation and Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research.


Our industry partners are ABB, Ericsson, Saab SDS, TeliaSonera, T2 Data, Peerialism and Vendolocus Development. Our academic partners are KTH, Mälardalen University and Uppsala University.


For more information about the projects and the work that has been conducted in the center during the years download our reports and broshures below:

Annual Report 2011-2012

Annual Report 2010-2011

Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Report 2008

CNS Brochure of 2010

CNS Demo Folder Jan 2010

CNS Demo Folder Nov 2010


Henrik Abrahamsson
+46 8 633 15 95
henrik [at] sics [dot] se

Bengt Ahlgren
Ph D, Group leader, Center director
+46 8 633 15 62
bengta [at] sics [dot] se

Mudassar Aslam
Researcher, PhD Student

mudassar [at] sics [dot] se

Christian Gehrmann
PhD, Docent
+46 46 286 59 00
chrisg [at] sics [dot] se

Daniel Gillblad
PhD; Director, Decisions, Networks and Analytics Laboratory
+46 8 633 15 68
dgi [at] sics [dot] se

Zhitao He
M.Sc, Researcher
+46 (0)76 785 95 88
zhitao [at] sics [dot] se

Maria Holm
+46 (0) 709 855 192
mh [at] sics [dot] se

Fredrik Holmgren
Ph Lic., Researcher
+46 (0)8 633 1513
fredrikh [at] sics [dot] se

Anders Holst
Assoc. Prof.
+46 (0)8 633 1593
aho [at] sics [dot] se

Sverker Janson
Ph.D.; Director, Computer Systems Laboratory
+46 (0)8 633 15 72
sverker [at] sics [dot] se

Per Kreuger
+46 (0)8 633 15 22
piak [at] sics [dot] se

Björn Levin
Deputy Managing Director, Business Manager
+46 (0)8 633 15 42
blevin [at] sics [dot] se

Anders Lindgren
Ph.D. / Senior Researcher
+46 (0)8 633 15 73
andersl [at] sics [dot] se

Ian Marsh
Ph. D
ianm [at] sics [dot] se

Tomas Olsson
+46 (0)8 633 1547
tomas [dot] olsson [at] sics [dot] se

Nicolae Paladi
nicolae [at] sics [dot] se

Lars Rasmusson
Ph.D., Senior Researcher
+46 (0)8 633 1511
Lars [dot] Rasmusson [at] sics [dot] se

Shahid Raza
PhD, Senior Researcher

shahid [at] sics [dot] se

Ludwig Seitz
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 349 92 51
ludwig [at] sics [dot] se

Rebecca Steinert
PhD, Senior Research Scientist
+46 (0)8 633 15 71
rebste [at] sics [dot] se

Thiemo Voigt
Professor, Group Manager
+46 (0)8 633 15 98
thiemo [at] sics [dot] se



In media
SICS CNS Organisation

Management team


Chair: Kjell Svensson, Saab

Members: Göran Olofsson, TeliaSonera; Gunnar Karlsson, KTH; Christer Norström, SICS; Ronny Engelin, T2Data; Mikael Gidlund, ABB; Patrick Sellstedt, Ericsson

Deputy members: Björn Lisper, MdH; Per Gunningberg, UU; Johan Ljungberg, Peerialism; Peter Stenlund, Vendolocus; Janusz Launberg, SICS

Scientific advisory board

  • Anna Brunström Prof, Karlstads University, Sweden.
  • Erland Jonsson, Prof. Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
  • Geoffrey Voelker, Prof. University of California, San Diego, USA.
  • Jürgen Quittek, Ph.D. NEC Network Laboratories, Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Peter Druschel, Ph.D. Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Saarbrücken, Germany.
  • Serge Fdida, Prof. Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris, France.