Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility of people and goods is a major global challenge. Digital innovations can improve road safety as well as reduce environmental impact, and increase the availability and accessibility in transportation. At Swedish ICT, we address these challenges by taking on the role as innovation orchestrators - enabling new products, services and systems based on ICT.

We focus on three main innovation areas; Automated vehicles, Electromobility and Sustainable Transport systems. Within automated vehicles we develop future vehicle functionality for increased safety and customer satisfaction as well as competitiveness. Seamless interactions and user experience design are other major areas of expertise for the vital transformation to open, horizontally and standardized systems. Electromobility is about striving towards the conversion to more electric kilometers in all type of transportation and it is a truly multidisciplinary research area. We cooperate with different actors to enable cordless, dynamic charging of electric vehicles, the development of electric roads, sensors for battery state estimation and sound design for electric vehicles.

Sustainable transport systems support new transportation practices and novel business models, regardless of transportation mode. Innovations like “Mobility as a service”, the design and implementation of Maritime informatics and traffic optimization are just a few examples of what we do for industry and society – for a sustainable mobility.


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