Peoples living environments will play a central role in the future of health and social care. At Swedish ICT we prepare for a sustainable transformation, developing novel eHealth-solutions for the benefit of individuals and care givers.

In entirely new ways, health care is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives – regardless of whether we are healthy or ill, young or old. We want to take responsibility of our health and well-being. At the same time, the older population is growing in numbers as well as is the demands for home care- and health services. These are challenges that can be turned into opportunities by using ICT.

At Swedish ICT eHealth we enable autonomy and an increased quality of life for patients and elderly by developing secure and efficient digital health and care solutions. Important issues as access to quality-assured data, secure and connected communications systems, open solutions, efficient processes and interactive services are all essential in future health- and social care are all core of our operations.

Our main application areas are digital care services, home care for the chronically ill, big data analysis based on health related data, diagnosis and treatment using sensors and sensor systems and more efficient, remote, rehab using gamification. We act as independent, advanced, digitalization advisors for municipalities as well as regions.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can create tomorrow’s health care together.


Seminar, 26/3-2015

eHealth - Breakfast seminar RISE & Shine

Seminar, 27/5-2015

Seminar looking at the transformation of healthcare.

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