Home care services will play a vital role in tomorrow’s health care system. As new digital tools become increasingly available, we as citizens will take a more active role in our health care and a greater responsibility for our health. In entirely new ways, health care will become an integral part of our everyday lives – regardless of whether we consider ourselves healthy or ill, young or old.

This creates a rising demand for accessible, high-quality information, integrated and secure communications systems, efficient processes and interactive services.

We offer the public sector and private industries:

  • ICT consulting services
  • Pre-studies
  • Research and innovation projects
  • Advanced testing environments
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Home care and independent living
New needs require treatment of patients at home. We develop solutions based on a secure patient situation and the needs for increased efficiency in the health care system.

Secure access
Excellent security and accessibility are essential to the development of remote health care and alarm services. We develop network solutions and testing environments to guarantee secure interactions.

Mobile social alarms
Next-generation mobile social alarms help to increase freedom while ensuring security. Purchasing and implementing these alarms is, however, a complex task. We at Swedish ICT are specialists in digital security alarm implementation.

Effective rehabilitation
Lack of motivation is a common challenge and a major contributor to people’s inability to complete their rehabilitation programs. Interactive games and the motivational mechanisms of game theory are just some of the methods we use to develop more effective rehabilitation programs.

Big data
The massive quantities of data now being collected can be analyzed to reveal hidden patterns, relationships and connections. Handled correctly, big data is a powerful source of knowledge, conclusions and diagnoses, contributing to safer, more effective care. We are experts in managing and analyzing large quantities of data.

Visualization is an effective tool for analyzing vast quantities of data, creating an engaging, interactive interface between data, machines and users. We develop new technical platforms for visualization and interaction.

Enhanced process efficiency
Many of our experts are world-leading specialists in the optimization of various workflows. With an emphasis on the well-being of patients and the requirements of the specific health care system, we develop models and IT solutions that enable optimal treatment times for illnesses.

Standardization and interoperability
To make eHealth work efficiently, standards and interoperability must be assured. At Swedish ICT we have extensive experience in standards development and systems integration.

New sensor technology platforms
We develop sensors and sensor systems for applications in medical diagnostics and health care.

- Printed biosensors are entire systems based on printed electronics, including power sources, circuitry, sensors and displays – all printed on a sheet of flexible plastic or paper. They are high-volume, single-use and low-cost.

- A nanowire-based sensor enables rapid, sensitive and label-free detection of biomarkers for medical diagnosis. The sensor elements are fabricated with standard CMOS technology. 

- Biocompatible optical fibers have multiple uses. A single optical fiber can be used for highly accurate surgery, to perform measurements and to deliver drugs.


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Seminar looking at the transformation of healthcare.


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