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The demand and need for new safety and security solutions is increasing, for surveillance and protection of lives, infrastructure and borders as well as cyber security. Reliable information and communication services require reliable software and hardware but the threats increase as the digital systems become more distributed. At RISE ICT we have strong competence in network and cloud security, an area that is growing in importance. We also develop THz-sensors and advanced sensor networks for physical protection and security.

We have strong compeence in the area of:

  • IT secuity
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud security
  • Sensor networks
  • UV-senors
  • IR-sensors
  • THz-sensors

Completed projects

In media

Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem

mohamed.abdelraheem [at]

Tobias Andersson
Researcher/SW developer at Security Labs

tobias.andersson [at]

Rolf Blom
PhD, Senior Researcher

rolf.blom [at]

Thomas Carnehult
Deputy Lab Manager
+46 70 622 24 09
thomas.carnehult [at]

Ulrik Franke
PhD, Senior researcher

ulrik.franke [at]

Rosario Giustolisi
Post-doctoral researcher

rosario.giustolisi [at]

Martin Gunnarsson
Research Engineer
+46 768 110 01
martin.gunnarsson [at]

Rikard Höglund

rikard.hoglund [at]

Linus Karlsson
070-514 82 50
linus.karlsson [at]

Nicolae Paladi
Researcher, PhD candidate

nicolae.paladi [at]

Shahid Raza
PhD, Director Security Lab, Expert Researcher

shahid.raza [at]

Ludwig Seitz
PhD, Senior Researcher
+46 70 349 92 51
ludwig [at]

Qin Wang
PhD/Senior Expert
+46 (0)70 772 78 38 [at]

Security in the Internet of Things

Security in the Internet of Things

The SEC lab works with security in the Internet of Things (IoT) with the goal of providing security services as enablers for other applications for IoT. This work is conducted in close cooperation with Ericsson Security Research.

We are contributing to ongoing standardization efforts at the Internet Engineering Task force (IETF), specifically in the working groups ACE, COSE and CoRE.

In ACE we are editors of  RFC 7744 that describes uses cases for authentication and authorization for constrained environments. Furthermore we have submitted drafts on access control and on object security.

This research area includes the following projects: