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ProjectDOIT, Data-driven Optimization for Efficient and Intelligent Transports

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DOIT, Data-driven Optimization for Efficient and Intelligent Transports

Big data analytics offers the possibility to extract valuable information from huge, fast-growing, non-homogenous, and uncertain data volumes. In many business sectors, adaption to this new paradigm can be critical for retaining, or gaining, competitive advantages. This is especially true in the automotive industry and the area of intelligent transport systems (ITS) where accurate and relevant information is crucial for time and cost optimal decisions in systems and services for, e.g., energy optimized vehicle routing and advanced cruise control.

DOIT will combine and further advance recent developments in big data analytics and optimization for developing data-driven and automated optimal decision support systems for selected problems in ITS. As such, the project encompasses both advanced research into new big data analytics tools and advanced industrial application of these new research results into a highly relevant fields of research in the automotive industry.

The project, which is conducted in cooperation with Scania, will lead to increased knowledge of big data analytics and the incorporation of such technologies in complex optimal decision support systems in Scania's products. This will result in better decisions with respect to time and cost, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of road transports. The project results may for instance be used in the development of a system that helps the truck driver to chose the optimal route and speed profile for a given transport assignment, a service that helps the fleet owner to decide on the optimal vehicle, driver and route for a transport assignment, or a system that helps the truck manufacturer to sell an optimal configured vehicle to a customer with a given operation.