Electronic services are typically developed for large and heterogeneous user groups, and for use from a wide range of different devices (e.g. personal computers, cell phones, and palmtop computers). The ADAPT project (funded by VINNOVA) investigates automatic adaptation of services in open systems (e.g. the World Wide Web) as a means for meeting the challenges that the diverse user group and set of devices pose to service providers. The project treats general aspects of automatic adaptation in open systems to some degree, but put the emphasis on two focused areas: adapting towards preferences of users and adapting towards properties of devices. The project will deliver general requirements on service infrastructures in order to enable adaptive services, and tools that make personal information available to services while allowing users to maintain control over it. It shall also deliver a system that allows easy development of services that automatically adapt to many types of devices.


Stina Nylander, Markus Bylund, and Magnus Boman, "Mobile Access to Real-Time Information - The case of Autonomous Stock Brokering", Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, in press


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Stina Nylander & Markus Bylund, “Providing Device Independence to Mobile Services”, SICS TR-2002-02A, 2002

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Magnus Boman, Markus Bylund, Fredrik Espinoza, Mats Danielson, and David Lybäck, "Trading Agents for Roaming Users", Presented at the Tokyo Mobile Roundtable, Tokyo, Japan, May 30-31, 2002
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Other Results

For other documents or material (such as demonstrators or prototypes), please see the public section of our project workspace.


The following companies are, or have been, participating or in other ways contributing to the ADAPT project.


*     Gamefederation

*     Telia Research

*     Joliv (changed name to Axalon Joliv Care)

Contact Information

For more information regarding the project, please contact the project manager Markus Bylund (markus.bylund@sics.se), or Stina Nylander (stina.nylander@sics.se).