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In Short

I am a researcher in the Interactive Collaborative Environments laboratory at SICS . I head the PlaCE group, which focuses on infrastructures and platforms for collaborative environments. Simultaneously, I am a PhD student at the IT university.

My research interest is in the area of distributed virtual reality applications and I am one of the prime architects of the Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment (DIVE ) platform. In particular, I focus on the following topics:

For a full personal background, please consult my on-line resume, in english , french or swedish .

Daily Activities

I have started to blog! For years, I have been looking for an adequate way to keep track of my daily activities. I have now engaged in an experiment to see if blogging can help me puting some structure into this, as well as an history of the things that I do. The result is that the content of all these static pages is highly outdated!

Current and Recent Work

Summer 2002, I was mainly involved in the VRANDERER project. VRANDERER aimed at improving the web interface of a mobile game with a VR component.

PING Logo In 2000-2001, my main involvement was the PING project, which aimed at developping an open framework for real-time applications such as on-line 3D games. We programmed the platform in Java and SICS was responsible for the work-package that deals with networking issues. PING was unfortunately terminated before its official end.

WebPR The Electronic Landscapes Project develops illustrative electronic landscapes that combine the physical and the digital in order to realize new forms of interactive experiences and to demonstrate these environments in practise. My work has focused on the track adaptive information in the physical city . A lot of the ideas behind the work in that track originates from work on the WebPath application.

The COVEN Project - COllaborative Virtual ENvironments. COVEN aims at developing a computational service for teleworking and virtual presence. The overall objective of the project is to provide the facilities needed to support future cooperative teleworking systems and to demonstrate the added value of networked VR for both professional users and home users.

DIVE - The Distributed Interactive Virtual Environment is an internet-based multi-user VR system where participants navigate in 3D space and see, meet and interact with other users and applications. D IVE supports the development of virtual environments, user interfaces and applications based on shared 3D synthetic environments. D IVE is especially tuned to multi-user applications, where several networked participants interact over a network.

The PPM - Path Planning Map - is one way to let the user gain a larger context of the virtual environment. It povides him/her with a hand held miniature representation of the world, somewhat like a map in the real world. The PPM can be used for locating and orienting the user, searching for other users, and for moving directly to a point on the map. The PPM is one of the techniques for "natural" interaction in multi-user CAVE-like environments .

Old Work


I maintain a small repository of talks that I have given in the past. These are HTML output generated from PowerPoint or StarOffice/OpenOffice.


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