Ian Marsh   Ian Marsh

CV (pdf)

Present employer and studies
One year post-doc at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto FEUP in the NIP group.

I have been working at SICS for the past 12 years within the NETS group.

I have my PhD degree from KTH within the LCN group.

Former employers
IBM European Networking Centre (Germany)
Mathematics and Information Sciences (Australia)
3D Labs (UK)

Former universities
Manchester University
Manchester Metropolitan University

Quality aspects of Internet telephony PhD page

Licentiate thesis
Quality aspects of audio communication Thesis, Presentation, Bib (June 2003)

Book chapter(s)
Wide Area Measurements of VoIP Quality
Ian Marsh, Fengyi Li and Gunnar Karlsson
Final Report of the COST 263 European Action on Quality of Future Internet Services,
Chapter 1. COST 263 European Action, 2003.

My research activities (47 slides) pdf
About SICS (8 slides) pdf

Past students
1. Zheng Sun (ZTE, Beijing)
2. Anders Andersson (SICS) Capacity Study of Statistical Multiplexing for IP Telephony
3. Fengyi Li (SEB bank, Stockholm) Wide Area Measurements of VoIP Quality
4. Viktor Nunes (Schlumberger, South Africa) VoIP quality aspects in 802.11b networks
5. Juan Carlos Martin Severiano (Eurocontrol, Brussels) IEEE 802.11b MAC layer's influence on VoIP quality: Measurements and Analysis
6. Daniel Yunda Lozano (Ericsson, Sweden) Predicting VoIP Quality

Publications (all bibs)
18. Considerations for a Network of Information Bengt Ahlgren, Matteo D'Ambrosio, Christian Dannewitz, Marco Marchisio, Ian Marsh, Borje Ohlman, Kostas Pentikousis, Rene Rembarz, Ove Strandberg, Vinicio Vercellone (ReArch 2008)
17. A Systematic Study of PESQ's Performance (from a Networking Perspective) (In Proceedings of MESAQIN'06) Abstract
16.. Performance evaluation of voice handovers in real 802.11 networks. The Second International Workshop On Wireless Network Measurement (Winmee 2006) Paper
15. The design and implementation of a quality-based handover trigger (Networking 2006) Paper, Presentation
14. IEEE 802.11b voice quality assessment using cross-layer information (MediaWin 2006) Paper
13. Quality Assessment of Voice quality over 802.11 networks (Infocom 2005 student poster) Abstract, Poster
12. Cross-layer measurements using voice in 802.11b networks (SNCNW 2004) Paper
11. Self-admission control for IP telephony using early quality estimation (Networking 2004) Paper
10. Wide Area Measurements of VoIP Quality Paper, Presentation, Bib (QoFIS 2003)
9. Sicsophone: A Low-Delay Internet Telephony Tool Paper, Presentation, Bib (Euromicro 2003)
8. Early Estimation of VoIP Quality Paper, Presentation , Bib (Nordunet 2003)
7. Modelling the Arrival Process for Packet Audio Paper, Presentation, Bib (QoS-IP 2003)
6. A VoIP Measurement Infra-structure Paper, Presentation, Bib (NTS 16 2002)
5. Wide Area Measurements of Voice Over IP Quality Revisited Paper, Presentation, Bib (RVK 2002)
4. TCP over Variable Capacity Links: A Simulation Study Paper, Presentation, Bib (PfHSN 2002)
3. Dimensioning Links for IP Telephony Paper, Presentation, Bib (IPTEL 2001)
2. Measuring Internet Telephony Quality Paper, Presentation, Bib (Globecom 1999)
1. Multicast based file system for the Internet Paper, Presentation, Bib (SIGOPS 1996)

Technical Reports
Wide Area Measurements of VoIP Quality , Abstract
DTMsim - DTM Channel Simulation in ns , Abstract
Dimensioning Links for IP Telephony , Abstract
Sicsophone: A Low-Delay Internet Telephony Tool, Abstract

Voice over IP

Some notes
Implementation of WFQ (including RSVP) in a BSD jernel


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