Curriculum Vitae

Johan Montelius

Current Interest

Past Activity

I took my Master degree in computer science at the computing science department at Uppsala University. During my last years at the university I was working with logic programming languages and grew an interest in parallel implementations. I also gave several courses in logic and functional programming.

I joined the Swedish Institute of Computer Science in 1990. During the first years (1990 -- 1993) I was working with the design and implementation of the concurrent constraint programming language AKL. The work included implementation of an efficient emulator and automatic memory management. The work was partly sponsored by the PEPMA (2471) ESPRIT Basic Research Action.

After having completed the language design I started the work on a parallel implementation. The resulting programming system Penny will automatically extract parallelism in an AKL program and execute it on a shared-memory multiprocessor. The system and an extensive evaluation is presented in my PhD thesis. The work was partly funded by the ACCLAIM (7195), ESPRIT Basic Research Action.

After my dissertation I started to work in the area of agent technology for personal information systems. I have been working with personal assistant for telecommunication but focued on how to add information and intelligence to objects in the real world. This work was conducted in collaboration with Ericsson Radio Systems.

Selected Publications

Scientific Awards

Awarded, as a member of the Laboratory for Logic Programming and Parallel Architectures at SICS, the Chester Carlsons Forskningspris by the Xerox Swedish Fund for Information Technology, 1991.

Academic Degrees